In Loving Memory of Cha Gi


Cha Gi was a brindle french bull dog, born May 30, 2002. He was from White Plains NY. He was with us until January 26, 2014.

Cha Gi began working at RKA in August of 2002. At first, he came to work with an assistant until he became proficient in his job. His job duties included: greeting students and parents, napping in his bed, walking across the floor, finding another place to nap, getting a drink of water, looking out into the parking lot, snoring, napping in his crate, rolling on the floor, lying upside down, and slapping some paw.

In 2005, Cha Gi did a photo shoot with Paper House Productions in Saugerties. Their products can be found in Target and Michael’s. He is the french bull dog on their die cut greeting card and magnet.

Cha Gi Black Belt Testing Part I

Cha Gi Black Belt Testing Part II

Cha Gi Black Belt Promotion

Turtle, Turle, Dragon – with Cha Gi!