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Caring for Your Uniform and Belt

Caring for Your Uniform

The Korean word for “uniform” is Do Bok. Do means “Way of Life” and Bok means “clothing.” The Do Bok is a symbol of your loyalty and your commitment to self improvement—mentally, physically, and spiritually. The traditional white color of the Do Bok has been maintained since the inception of the study of our martial art. The white color represents the student’s respect for life, purity of spirit, and commitment to avoid unjust conflict. Always wear your Do Bok with pride. Treat it with respect, keeping it clean and neat. This respect you show for your outward representation of our martial art will reflect the pride you feel inside. When tying the top of your Do Bok, pull the right side to the left side and tie it. Take the left side and pull it over the right side and tie it. The left side of the Do Bok is always on top. The sleeves should come to the wrist. Never roll up your sleeves, as this show slack of discipline and disrespect to your instructor. The color should be trimmed at the green, red and black belt levels. Do Bok pants should be hemmed just below the ankles.

Tying Your Belt (“Dee”)

All of the instructors at Rhinebeck Karate Academy are available to help students learn to tie their belt. As you get higher in rank, however, you are expected to know how to correctly tie your belt yourself.

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