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Basic Student Etiquette

Rhinebeck Karate Academy Basic Student Etiquette

In the do jang, there are rules of respect that all students are expected to follow as Tang Soo Do practitioners. These rules help us maintain the tradition and discipline required in the martial arts.

They are:
1. When you enter the do jang, bow to the flags on the wall.

2. When you enter the do jang, you are expected to demonstrate respect to Sa Bom Nim Falanga by bowing to him. He may or may not be able to immediately acknowledge you at that time. When you have a chance to formally greet Sa BomNim, you are expected to bow again and say hello. When you see Sa Bom Nim Falanga,members of the staff or fellow students in public, you are expected to bow. This is how we greet one another in our martial arts family.

3. When you enter the do jang, you are expected to bow and greet all instructors on the floor.

4. Respect your Senior do jang members by bowing to them when you greet them for the first and last time each day.

5. Bow before you step onto the do jang floor.

6. During class, lining up by rank means the most senior student is all the way to the right and each successively ranked student is next in line to the left. The person on your right should be the next senior student to you.

7. When asked to sit during class you will sit with your legs crossed (pretzel style), back straight, and hands in relaxed fists over your knees.

8. When an instructor asks you to do something or asks you a question, you are always to answer, “Yes Ma’am/Yes Sir.” Always raise your hand and wait to be called upon before asking or answering a question.

9. Clean up after yourself in all areas of the school, including the restroom, dressing rooms, and shoe and coat areas.

10. When addressing fellow students, students should do the following:

  • Color Belt to Color Belt: First name basis between each other. Answer Sir or Ma’am to seniors. Children should address all adults as ‘Mr.’ or ‘Mrs.’
  • Color Belt to Black Belt: Address all Black belts as ‘Mr.’ or ‘Mrs.’ followed by their last name. When answering, use Sir or Ma’am.
  • Color Belt to Master: Address Sa Bom Nim followed by their last name.
  • Black Belt to Black Belt: First name basis unless in the presence of color belts. Then,use ‘Mr.’ or ‘Mrs.’
  • Master to Master: First name basis unless referring to another master in the presence of a junior belt. Then,use Sa Bom Nim followed by last name.

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