Who We Are

Sa Bom Nim Joe Falanga, Master Instructor

Master Joe began his training in Tang Soo Do before the age of five.

Master Joe began teaching at RKA as a junior staff member at age 15. Today, as a Master Instructor he teaches classes, private lessons and directs summer camp. Master Joe completed earn the rank of Master in 2010, and is currently a 5th dan, having tested last in 2014 thru Grand Master Ho Sik Pak.

Master Joe’s kicking technique is unmatched in the martial arts arena. He is an exciting fighter to watch and a highly respected competitor overall.

Master Joe graduated with honors from Springfield College in Western Massachusetts in May 2010. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education. He was the founder and president of the Springfield College Martial Arts Club.

Body by Fight Fitness, an offshoot of Rhinebeck Karate Academy, features personal training, boxing and kickboxing instruction designed and started by Master Joe in 2011.

Master Joe is the head coach of RKA’s Team Rumble, director of summer camps and remains and active competitor and referee in the realm of martial arts competition.

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Sa Bom Nim Jo-Ann Falanga, Founder, Master Instructor

Master Jo-Ann Falanga is a 5th Degree Master in Tang Soo Do and a 4th Degree in Kum Do.

Master Joe learned under his mother, Sa Bom Nim Jo-Ann Falanga. She has trained under and competed for some of the most respected martial arts leaders in the world, including Grandmaster Chong Su Kim, Master John Chung, and Grandmaster In Kee Hong. Master Falanga has been a student of Grandmaster Ho Sik Pak, founder of the Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Federation.

A fierce and accomplished competitor, Master Falanga has traveled all over the world competing in forms, fighting and weapons. In 2000 she won the World Champion Forms title in Australia. In 1998, she was NASKA’s (North American Sport Karate Association) #1 World Champion Women’s 30-39 All Around Competitor. SBN Falanga has officiated and competed in NBL (National Black Belt League) tournaments and is the promoter of the annual Rumble on the Hudson which was held for the first time in May 2012 and was a great success! Master Falanga’s competitive spirit and desire to develop sport karate in the Hudson Valley paved the way for her project, Team Rumble–a competitive sport karate team housed in Rhinebeck Karate Academy, but comprised of both RKA and other local karate school students.

Not only did Master Falanga begin teaching martial arts in 1996, she comes with years of additional experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education from Springfield College and a Master of Science degree in School Health Education from Russell Sage College. Prior to opening her own school, Master Falanga taught in the public K-12 school system for 13 years.

The best testament to Master Falanga’s training methods is the fact that all three of her children consistently trained and successfully competed at the national level.

Sa Bom Nim Jo-Ann Falanga