Rhinebeck Karate Academy Policies

1.   Students should arrive 5—10 minutes prior to the start of class.

2.   Students should attend classes specific to their belt rank as defined by Sa Bom Nim Falanga.

3.   For safety reasons, all equipment used for training must be purchased through Rhinebeck Karate Academy or with permission from Sa Bom Nim Falanga.

4.   Bring all equipment to every class unless told otherwise.

5.   Attending tournaments and participating in demos are invitation only. Students should seek permission if they are interested.

6.   Wear all protective equipment when sparring. This includes head gear, hand and foot gear, shin pads, mouth guard, chest guard, and groin cups for males.

7.   Spectators must be orderly and quiet during class.

8.   Please refrain from bringing younger siblings to monthly promotion as they can be distracting to testers and spectators.

9.   Uniforms must be clean and students must practice good hygiene.

10. Parents/guardians must supervise siblings and other minor-aged spectators.

11. Students are expected to turn off their cell phones for the duration of their class.

12. It is expected that students will stay current with all tuition and other payments due. If at any time payments become 60 days delinquent, training will be frozen until current.
      Should a situation arise that requires a student to interrupt his/her training, please follow the contract rules and notify Sa Bom Nim Falanga accordingly.

13. In order to cancel an agreement with Rhinebeck Karate Academy, 30 days notice must be given. During the 30 day period, all efforts will be made to re-motivate the student and
      assist him/her in re-evaluating his/her goals. In the event that the student still wishes to cancel after the 30 day period, the program must be current and 10% of the remaining
      program balance is due prior to cancellation.

      If the student refuses to make use of the 30 day re-motivation period, there is no option to cancel the agreement. Agreements with 4 or less months remaining are not eligible for
      the 10% remaining balance payment. Please read the contract for more details.

14. All classes are guaranteed. Opportunities exist for students to make up missed classes. In the event that an entire month or more is missed, students will receive private lesson(s)
      until caught up. These private lessons will be scheduled at the instructor’s convenience.

15. No refunds will be given on the program. Programs may be transferred to another party, or can be frozen until a student wishes to continue training.

16. In the event of inclement weather, please call the do jang to find out if classes will be held. If classes are being held, an instructor will be available to answer the phone beginning
      30 minutes before the start of the first scheduled class of the day. If we are closed, your phone call will go to voicemail.

Policies are subject to change at any time at the discretion of Sa Bom Nim Falanga.
If you have any questions regarding these policies, please speak with an instructor